R W Stidwill Constructions is a locally based residential building company servicing the peninsula and Pittwater area. Since our inception we have quickly become recognised for quality building, specialising in architectural hardwood homes.

With over 27 years in the industry we have gained the experience to build with skill and versatility. Ryan has a keen eye for detail and the team pride themselves on delivering an exceptionally built home to the client. During our time we have established long relationships with our suppliers, thus ensuring quality materials and experienced tradesmen are delivered to your project.

We are proud members of the Housing Industry Association and provide all relevant insurances.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Our Clients Say Exceptional Things About Us

One of the major events in one’s life is building your home. If you are lucky you will get the world’s best builder and live happily ever after. His name is Ryan Stidwill.

We renovated a 30 year old timber house. It had no drainage; the makeshift retaining walls were crumbling and dirt had direct contact with the house, the balconies were too narrow. It was dark inside the bathrooms were a mess the water tank leaking.

We had a few ideas how we wanted it to look like and did a few sketches on scraps of papers and the genius, Ryan the builder that is, translated it into our dream. No plans no architect just a man with a good eye, even better ideas. No short cuts, no surprises just superb craftsmanship and a love of doing a better than good job. If you think you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse think again, just get Ryan as your builder.

Dr Paul Beaumont -Founder, Macular Degeneration FoundationLovett Bay Home

Ryan Stidwill of R W Stidwill Constructions Pty Ltd completed on schedule a 26 week construction of a hardwood timber post and beam dwelling at Towlers Bay for my wife and I, and myself as architect.

The design was not conventional and the site difficult to access therefore requiring a great deal of good management and skill to achieve the high standard of finish demanded and yet remain within the budget constraints. While the contract value was $600,000, the standard of construction and finish was well beyond that value.

Ryan’s input, both practical and design, into the realisation of an architects own home was invaluable.

Ryan was well supported by a dedicated team of carpenters and subcontractors whose workmanship was exceptional.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ryan for any future project, no matter the complexity, quality of detail and budgetary constraints.

Larry Eastwood
Architect/ Owner

Larry Eastwood - ArchitectTowlers Bay Home

“When my wife and I set out to build our home in Elvina Bay we had little practical idea of how our dreams would become reality until Ryan Stidwill became involved. With his down to earth, yet no nonsense approach, Ryan and his crew carefully managed the whole process while our architect was overseas for most of the building phase. At several points he suggested enhancements that showed he truly (and patiently) understood us and our needs, respected our personalities and shared our desire to create a home that will nestle quietly yet firmly in its idyllic location well beyond our lifetime.

Above all, the care, concern and pride in their work shown by every member of his team gave us complete confidence in what we were undertaking. To this day we remain inspired by the stunning quality of their work, the refusal to accept setbacks and the passion which Ryan has instilled in them all. The result is a remarkable family home of which we, and everyone who worked on it, can be truly proud.”
David Orr
Elvina Bay

David OrrElvina Bay

I will never fully be able to express how much I’ve appreciated all you and your crew- “my pups” as they have become known, have achieved! You have built Peter and I a house beyond our expectations. I’ve watched in awe and admiration the last 7 months at all they have done.

You could not have given me a better foreman than Vaughan- I feel he and I worked well together- nothing was too hard, they just “did it”!!.
You and your team should be really proud of 119 Florence Terrace and how much they are appreciated. Once Peter and I are settled I expect you to bring them all over for a drink and a bite or two!

Jan Hand

Jan Hand

Ryan Stidwill of R W Stidwill Constructions Pty Ltd was the building contractor for the Robertson Road project on Scotland Island.

I was the architect for the project, and administered it through to the end of construction.

I worked with Ryan on this project for a period of 18 months. It was a difficult and extensive job which involved almost every trade. It required close coordination due to it’s offshore site.

Ryan is a wonderful builder who provided construction of a very high standard. He communicated well with both his clients and myself. He has a dedicated core team of tradesmen, his subcontractors were all of a high standard and like minded. His organisational skills of both materials and workmen were excellent. He is a highly skilled craftsmen.

Ryan is enthusiastic, motivated, trustworthy and energetic. He immersed himself in the job without reservation. He had a complete grasp of every aspect of the project.

The job was finished to a high standard and in good time. The clients are happy with the result. They and Ryan remain on excellent terms.

I would take great pleasure in recommending Ryan to my clients in the future.

David Tory
Chartered Architect

David ToryArchitect